Unparalleled Industry Knowledge


What differentiates Inceptor Bio in advancing cell therapy programs is the caliber and depth of the expert team we have put together to drive the company and its programs forward. Between our leadership team, Board of Directors, advisors, and Scientific Advisory Board, we have a significant number of the most experienced people in the cell & gene therapy market.

Advanced cell & gene therapy research is being conducted at many top-tier academic institutions across the United States, but one of the big challenges these programs face is translating the research out of their laboratory environment and into clinical development phases. This is where Inceptor Bio comes in.
Inceptor Bio has a team of leaders, advisors, and a scientific advisory board with a unique profile of R&D expertise and CMC experience in cell therapies targeting oncology. Not only can Inceptor Bio provide the infrastructure and technology to advance programs through our expanded R&D capability and AMP+ manufacturing site, we also have the insight of an unparalleled, purpose-driven team of pioneers in this exciting field.