Cell & Gene Therapy Expertise


What differentiates Inceptor Bio as a prospective partner to Principal Investigators and academic institutions with cell and gene therapy programs targeting oncology, above anything else, is the caliber of the team we have available for collaboration. Between our leadership team, Board of Directors, advisors, and Scientific Advisory Team, we have a significant number of the most experienced people in the cell and gene therapy market.

There is advanced cell and gene therapy research being conducted at many top-tier academic institutions across the United States, but one of the big challenges the universities face is advancing the research out of their laboratory environment and into clinical development phases. This is where Inceptor Bio comes in. Part of the reason this challenge exists is the developing state of cell & gene manufacturing and infrastructure, and the collaborative expertise readily available to Principal Investigators and their teams.

Inceptor Bio has a team of advisors and a scientific advisory board that has a unique profile of CMC experience and developmental expertise in cell and gene therapy targeting oncology. Our individuals have led or gained experience with the pioneers and leaders in the fast-growing market over recent years. Not only can we provide the infrastructure and technology to advance projects, our partners benefit from the ability to collaborate with a purpose-driven team of pioneers in this exciting field.

Shared infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology are part of our vision to realize our goal of developing cell & gene therapies that cure difficult-to-treat cancers. So Inceptor Bio is constructing a new world-class clinical research and manufacturing facility that we call the Advanced Manufacturing Platform (AMP+) in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina – an economic and manufacturing hub of cell and gene therapy in the United States.

This will alleviate the major bottleneck for gene and cell therapies – access to early-phase manufacturing – and create a unique shared infrastructure for use by the subsidiary companies created through our partnerships. The location was selected for its depth of talent that can drive research productivity and innovation.

The strength of the AMP+ is a dedicated, passionate, and experienced team that will run the facility. Their single-minded focus on supporting the cell and gene therapies we partner that will cure difficult-to-treat cancers is a distinct competitive advantage.

The AMP+ Team Includes Experts in:

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Process Development

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Product Development

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Regulatory Affairs

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Quality Systems

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Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC)

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Analytical Development

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Project Management

This team works seamlessly with research and development teams within the Inceptor Bio family to optimize processes, chemistry, controls, and timelines to develop robust therapeutics ready to launch into commercial manufacturing environments.