Inceptor Bio's Approach


Our Vision:
To advance cell and gene therapies to cure difficult-to-treat cancers

With a purpose-driven culture and innovation at its core, Inceptor Bio is committed to confronting one of humanity’s single most complex problems — difficult-to-cure cancers. We strive to enable patients to realize what was once an impossible dream — to be cured.

The Inceptor Bio Equation

Industry experience cell therapy team Icon

Industry experience cell therapy team

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Unique R1 Discovery pipeline

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Differentiated cell therapy platform

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Advanced Manufacturing Platform (AMP+)

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Efficient Capital Plan

Novel therapies to treat cancers Icon

Novel therapies to treat cancers

Led by world-class scientific pioneers in cell and gene therapy, in combination with industry-leading biotech executives with proven process and product development expertise, Inceptor Bio partners innovative therapeutic approaches developed within top research institutions and businesses to translate these technologies into clinical-stage therapeutics.

Our strategy reflects today’s soaring growth of technical development in synthetic biology, leveraging the biological, bioinformatic, and technical advances to bring new cures to those in need. We are differentiated by a team with unparalleled scientific knowledge and cutting edge innovative resources. These are powerful drivers as we advance research into real-life therapeutics that save lives.

Inceptor Bio works across a network of top-tier research universities with promising novel cell and gene platforms, engaging as a partner of choice for Principal Investigators and academic institutions. Using a translational therapy research platform, Inceptor Bio seamlessly progresses our innovative technologies into human clinical trials.

Institutions that partner with Inceptor Bio gain from our extensive expertise and a suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of cell and gene therapy development. A key differentiator of Inceptor Bio is our ability to manufacture drug candidate constructs, advance product and process development, adhere to sound chemistry, manufacturing and control strategies, and develop quality and analytical paradigms for IND (investigational new drug application) through commercial readiness.

We seek relationships with experts that share our commitment to creating an enduring cell and gene therapy business. Inceptor seeks to advance product development both within our facilities and within the Principal Investigator’s university labs. Working hand-in-hand with the Principal Investigator leverages their extensive subject matter expertise and the unique capabilities of Inceptor Bio and our Advanced Manufacturing Platform (AMP+).

We are currently focused on cell therapy modalities and gene therapy research programs that enable differentiated ex vivo cell therapy manufacturing. Inceptor Bio forges relationships with Principal Investigators and their institutions, who share our ambition to push the boundaries of scientific discovery to help people with difficult-to-cure cancers.

We look for science capable of tipping therapeutics into a new era of effectiveness. Our focus is primarily on well-understood mechanisms-of-action (MOAs), delivery and trafficking. Inceptor Bio has the resources and expertise to advance these therapeutics from the academic environment into clinical development, leveraging our top-tier scientific team and unparalleled experience in complex engineered immune cell therapies and genetic science. We further support this with regulatory, developmental, and CMC expertise.

With a team that includes some of the most noted and accomplished pioneers in the young cell and gene therapy market, we offer universities and Principal Investigators categorically unrivaled, proven experience in this field, making Inceptor Bio an unquestioned partner of choice.